This list is a partial list of the material that is currently in our songbook... At our gigs, you will hear many of these great songs.


Cover versions...


Crossroads blues - Yes, of course the Robert Johnson song, covered by many artists... But not quite like this perhaps.


The thrill is gone  - The great B.B. King song of course - You will have heard it, but maybe not like this!


King bee  - Energetic swamp rock... A real show-stopper!


A quitter never wins - Powerful slow blues written by Tinsley Ellis and Margaret Sampson.


Just got back from baby’s - A great early ZZ Top mid tempo blues number...


While my guitar gently weeps - The George Harrison song - but with a completely new and unique arrangement. You won't have heard it performed

quite like this, I'm sure!


Feels like rain  - A soulful, atmospheric reading of a great John Hiatt song.


New coat of paint - Written and originally performed by Tom Waits, and most recently covered by Joe Bonamssa on his excellent ‘Driving towards daylight’ CD album.


Many miles travelled - Wonderful but slightly obscure uptempo BB King song.


To the devil a dime - A powerful, driving blues-rock song originally from Tinsley Ellis.


Lie to me - Written and performed originally by US bluesman Jonny Lang.


Down in the hole  - Originally Tom Waits. Famously used as the theme music for the compelling US police drama - ‘The Wire’.


Blues is my business - Our raucous, energetic version of an Etta James song from 2003.


Blueshounds Original songs...


Like a back door man   The very first Blueshounds original...  Words by Al Lee and music by former Blueshound Steve Buxton,

it’s an ‘ironic’ blues song for the 21st century - atmospheric and soulful. It's become a crowd favourite over the last two or three years.


Pull the wishbone  - A new Lee/Hollinshead song.  Almost prog-rock in its style and scope. A cool song, and one that seems different each play!


Going down the other side - Lyrics and tune by JP. Thick, soulful guitar riffs and heavy reverb and octave-laden effects by Al Lee.


One foot in the blues - An atmospheric, mid tempo, modern blues song written by Al and Tony.


Swamp dog blues  -  A sparse, percussive number. A slower more traditional blues song written by Al Lee (music)

and Caz Bailey (words).


Streets full of strangers  -  Al and Tony have written this... A rockier blues number than is typical for us...


And many more to come...


set list

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